Governance functions of COG gaming platforms are a future-planned functionality and will be determined once the initial phases of our platform and games are released as per the roadmap.

All elements of COG platform will be transferred to an on-chain governance model that keeps COG connected and responsible for its community.

On-chain governance is a way to manage and implement changes to smart contracts. The controls for initiating changes are coded into the smart contract, and the developer can propose changes through code updates. Initially, gamers active in the COG community will be selected to participate in the governance model. It will open to those with a set minimum level of governance tokens. Each gamer will have voting power based on the amount of governance held.

Functions to be delegated to the governance model include (but are not limited to):

Economic Systems:

  • Set Fees for transactions, Digital Asset, and Taxes.

Game Development:

  • Make suggestions for new games and features to be integrated into the platform

  • Prioritize features for each new release

  • Receive priority access to new releases.

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Receive presale notification of NFT Digital Asset releases.

  • Receive early access to new games in the platform.

  • Receive exclusive access to specific items in COG Store.

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